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About Company

SunStream offers products and energy solutions for various applications. Today on Our web site You can find the PV modules, charge controllers, inverters for stand-alone and grid applications, LED lighting technology, special pumps designed for use with photovoltaic modules and solutions of refrigeration and freezing equipment that is designed to work with PV panels. Every day We strive to further expansion of Our product range so that You could find a solution or product for Your needs.
Based on years of experience in the field of traditional and alternative energy company Sunstream will promptly resolved yours questions in the field of energy supply. We also offer our solutions for territory illumination, problematic water supply, etc.
We draw attention to the fact, that most of the equipment supplied by our company under the pre-order, so for better and timely processing please send all inquiries to the email address if you have questions regarding the equipment working conditions, and other parameters. please send your request on
Hope, that with Our company and solutions, Your life will have a new positive vision.